Thursday, April 24, 2014

Trip to Marrakech

Booked a week in Morocco with Nat (brother); we landed in Marrakech this evening so I've only been here 3 hours and am already completely overwhelmed.

Walking through alleyways and side streets to find the hostel was an experience in itself; 8foot wide passageways with people walking in both directions and motorbikes trying to pass through too!

We're staying at the Riad Layla Rouge hostel and Abdel the manager is really nice. Spoke to us all about Marrakech, some do's and don't and said to treat the hostel like home.

We went for a walk to try and find the Jemaa El Fna square...
First of all we got lost so turned around and went back to the hostel and asked Abdel the way - it turns out it's only a 2 minute walk and we'd just gone the wrong way!

Once we found it I felt completely alien.
It took a while to settle in and get used to being dragged into restaurants by waiters, shouted at to but orange juice and having wooden pythons thrust in our faces.
"Hello Chav, I love to shop at Sainsburys"  "Do you shop in Primark?" were their most common phrases so no idea what they've been watching to learn English!?

We got fresh orange juice for 4 dirham (28p) and a chocolate cakey thing for 5dh (35p).
Probably overcharged compared to what the locals pay but it's pennies!

Weekend in Berlin

Been to Berlin for a long weekend visiting a friend.
We left Luton on Thursday morning and spent the day walking round Berlin.
On Friday went to Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall and a museum and went out on the night. Got in about 11am.

Saturday was mainly spent sleeping!
We went to a Mexican restaurant and got Chicken Chimichangas... Was so good!
Went out to a karaoke bar and ended up in Ritter butzke.

Pretty good weekend!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Edible Garden Show 2014; A right Royal visit!

This weekend at The Edible Garden Show has been pretty awesome.
The show moved from Stoneleigh Park to Alexandra Palace this year so I went down to London on Thursday night to help set up our stand.
As usual we were running late so most of it was done on Friday morning but it all came together in the end!

HRH Prince Charles and Camilla visited the show on Friday morning and came over to the PoultryTalk stand to meet my Pekin Bantam chicks!
Charles was asking Jamie all about what we do, how long the chicks take to hatch and about the incubation process while Camilla held a chick and spoke to the school children on the stand.
She held a chick which she named with the school children; they decided on Rosie!

The rest of the weekend seemed to fly by!
We went out for dinner and spent most of the show networking and making new chicken friends!

I did a talk in The Experts Theatre on Sunday afternoon with Naomi from BHWT which went ok - I'd forgotten about it until half an hour before we did it so it was all quite rushed but a Q&A session at the end helped to fill time!