Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hatching again

Not totally convinced that the chicks are going to come to anything, I've got another 12 eggs off my friend :)

She went to a breeder to collect something, and got me some green eggs while she was there!
3 Cream Legbars, 1 Araucana, a Welsummer x meat bird and a Welsummer x FCB Maran (both dinner chickens), a Blue laced wyandotte bantam, a Pekin, 3 Barred dotte bantams and a surprise unknown egg! xD
Rather excited again!

Due 19th/20th May!

4 of them (CLB, 2 meat birds + a poland) have gone under Hilary, a broody I've borrowed off my uncle.
Meet Hilary:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Incy + eggs

Have borrowed schools Covatutto 24 auto incy that we used last time to hatch the chicks, and am getting some more eggs off a friend :)

Its sitting dowstairs warming up and just checking it, but its been perfect temp since its been on, so all good so far :D

Should have the eggs early/middle of next week :P

Electric hen

Have finished making the electric hen :)
Cut the wood up, screwed it together and put i few coats of varnish on so I can wipe it down when it gets covered in chick poo! Stuck the heat mat on with gaffer tape. Screwed in the hook eyes.
The top, which will be suspended at an angle by chains and hung in the brooder:

The heat mat which the chicks sit underneath:

They use a lot less energy compared to a heat lamp, so less cost, and they're more natural so the chicks can get used to daylight hours etc.
Apparently chicks feather up faster under them, but don't know as yet :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 11: Candling

We have 7 or 8 developing eggs :D
A neked neck, all 4 polands, dark brahma, SL dotte and the pekin X poland :P

Have tried to take photos but they haven't come out very well!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 7: Candling

Have candled the eggs and am a bit disappointed. Looks like a combination of the postman being rough, and my rough incy :P
It looks like 12 are fertile, but not all developing.
A couple have blood rings too, which means they're fertile but the incubator playing up etc, has meant they've died :(

Blood ring:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Eggs set ...

I have set the eggs!!!

I put them in 2 egg trays in the end, so can just tilt the whole tray and they'll all be turned.
They need to be turned 3 times a day - an odd number so that each night they're on a different side.

21 days and counting ......


Been to Banbury today :)

Was going to buy a dog crate to use as a brooder for the chicks, but asked on the off chance if anyone had one I could borrow, and they did!

Clare, one of my chicken friends, has an old one so we went and collected that from Banbury.

We went to Bicester Village on the way back, which is a shopping outlet thing.
It was full of yummy mummies and wanna-be posh people - wasn't a fan if I'm honest ;)

Have my eggs!

I have my eggs! :D

I have......
4 Transylvanian Naked Necks
4 Silver laced (frizzle) poland bantams
3 Lavender araucana
Silver Sussex
Lemon Pyle or Dark brahma
Buff X Black Orpington
3 Barred Wyandotte bantams
Silver laced Wyandotte bantam
Pekin X Poland bantam
Welsummer X FCB maran (meat bird)
- Seem to be posting the same list everywhere! xD

They won't all hatch (because of going through the post and not being fertile), and won't all be girls either. I'm planning on raising the boys to be table birds, and the ones that aren't suitable for that will try to re-home :)

Mom really wants a 'zebra chicken', Barred Wyandotte, and dad really wants the Oprington to hatch.
I want a Naked neck, Brahma, Wyandotte and Araucana the most ;)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Incy back up

The incy has been back on overnight with the 40W bulb in it and it seems to be holding the temp ok.
Have been adjusting it with a mat over the top and think its in the right place now :)
It does go up + down a bit as the temp of the room changes, but it should be ok *fingers crossed*
Thought about getting a new thermostat or a reptile one, but it seems to be holding ok.

Eggs are being sent out today, next-day delivery, so should get them before 1pm tomorrow :D

Monday, April 5, 2010

Incy broke!

The incy has died on me! :(
Have been away for the weekend so switched it off and then back on when we got back and it has died.
I tired to find the problem, rewired it and stuff but can't see why :(

Have put a 60W bulb in and it got too hot, so replaced with 40W and it seems to be holding ok