Monday, August 17, 2009

Nearly 5 weeks old

The chicks are nearly 5 weeks old tomorrow and they're looking like proper little chickens now!!
Fry is getting wattles + has a big comb
I'm still not sure if the Brilley chicks is a boy or a girl ... no comb as
yet but sometimes stands like a boy. Purkinje's comb is quite big, but still pink.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Only cats and dogs in the vets today. This morning I was watching surgeries, a dog had a growth removed from his nose, tom cat neuter + cat spay (both were rescue cats had ringworm) and one the the vet nurses cans had its right hind limb removed - there was swelling around the joint and the x-rays and the bone didn't have a clear edge and the vet thought the femur was going to collapse. It was really interesting to watch, the sciatic nerve had to be cut, then the bloody supply, a hack saw was used to cut through the femur.
The cut is made quite high up, so that the animal knows there is no leg there and so that they don't try and use a stump of the leg.
Once the bone was removed and Andy was taking a sample, the bone collapsed in his hand so it was good that they removed it in time and that it didn't collapse under the weight of the cat.

In the afternoon I sat in on consults with Brian, one of the other vets.

Chicks Photo Update

Just an update of photos of the chicks:

They're all getting on fine and becoming a bit more friendly, jumping up on top of the brooder - all the time!