Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gardeners World day 2....

Second day at the Omlet stand at BBC Gardeners world and Good Food Show today :)
Up early and got to the NEC for about half 8 - I already had my ID pass so could just walk in.

Was on with George from Omlet, Sarah (who I already know) and Karen from the forum.

Between us we sold 2 cubes, a classic and a Go - mine were the pink classic and green Go :)

Saw some other friends off the forum there too! DebC, Emma and Cheryl. Then Louise from the turkey farm's sister came and asked about fitting turkeys in an eglu - I think George was a bit shocked but then realised I knew them :P

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Omlet Stand - Gardeners World and Good Food Show

First day at the Omlet stand today!
We were at BBC Gardeners World and the Good Food Show, at the NEC in Birmingham. Got there at half 8 and met Clare from Omlet to collect my ID pass to get in.
Diane was there too, who I already 'know' from the forum, so was good to finally meet her - met someone else off the forum called Redbug, who just came to have a look at the stand :)

We were on a big astroturfed pitch, with the products set up on it: an eglu classic, eglu Go, a cube and a beehaus.
Was good to have a proper look at the beehaus too - I'd seen it before when we went to Grand Designs last year and James (from Omlet) demo'd it to me so if anyone knows about it its him!
I knew enough about it that I managed to talk people through it all, hopefully picked up a few bits from reading the website and the forum, and we have brochures to hand out with all the info in too.

Adam Henson from Adam's farm on Countryfile was there! He walked past the stand and said Hi! :)

Andi Peters off the telly was there too presenting the Good Food Show bits, Quin off the stand had his photo taken with him yesterday! lol
Was a good day - we sold 5 cubes between us - I took the orders for 2 and practically sold another but didn't take the order.
Had to convince 2 little girls' parents that a Go with 2 ducks would be a good idea :P - I think a did a good job and they ended up getting them!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brooder chicks are 4 weeks old....

All are still doing well at 4 weeks old....
Cream legbars, looking more adulty

Lav araucana looking really red and adulty :(

All 4 running around the garden

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hilarys chicks - 3 week update

They're all fine and flying about everywhere :) ... all boys though! :(

Lav frizzle cockerel, Quigley:

Welsummer crosses:

3 week old brooder chicks

The cream legbar boys still look completely different! They seem to have grown loads in a week too...

Barred wyandotte

Lav araucana:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hilarys chicks - 2 weeks old

Hilary's chicks are 2 weeks old now and getting on fine!!

Cheeky lav frizzle:

Brooder chicks - 2 weeks old

The chicks hatched in the incubator and under the electric hen are all doing fine - 3 weeks old now! :)
All 4 of them:

Lavender araucana and Barred wyandotte:

Pale cream legbar boy: