Thursday, September 30, 2010

Everyone stayed in early tonight to watch The Ugly Truth, and Saw V in the kitchen ... they went to bed at about half 9, so a couple of us went to the £ party at Cwrt Mawr to get a few drinks.

Got in about half 1, then another flatmate was on a Society Social and got in later than that
... a bit worse for wear!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dom with no Dick

So we were meant to have Dick + Dom from the telly at the Union tonight, with gunge tanks and everything, but we got an email to say Dick had to pull out ;)

Dom came on his own and the gunge tank which was basically just a bag tank + water.
Was still a good night though, just expected more!

The aftermath

We got back from Dom with no Dick at about 3am and some of the girls went to sleep but we just went + sat in the kitchen. Little bit drunk ;)

Me + Becki thought it would be hilarious to sit on the fridge...

... then we thought it would be even funnier to clingfilm everyone in their rooms...

...especially the Conservative supporter :)

Then to end the night: a random scottish jew, sitting in his duck boxers came and sat on our fridge, trying to smoke a cigar?

We don't actually know him.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Register and Comedy Works

Today is the day I registered for my course!
Being at the end of the alphabet I could have a lie in and miss the queues. Went to the Chapel in the Arts Centre (of all places), met Mike my tutor + course co-ordinator and had to choose 1 of 3 options.
Intro to Agriculture, Agriculture Production Systems or Equine.
I chose the middle one ... think we go to Cambridge for 4 days next year to go + see a load of farms :)

Then tonight we all went to the Union, again, to Comedy Works.
There were 3 acts ... the first was really wierd! He was funny, but just a wierd funny not a laughing funny.
The other 2 were really good though :)

Monday, September 27, 2010


First say we all went to town today :)
Started off in a couple of pubs, had a few drinks and then went to Yoko's, this club.

Drinks were £1 so we were sorted! VKs all night.
Was quiiiite a drunken night, everyone was dancing for hours. Finished at 2 or 3(?) and went to get cheesy chips next door and then got a taxi back up the hill which was only £1 each so alright :)

Thats most of us :)
Apart from Voldermort on the left. We don't know where we came from (well, Ukraine) but he was with us all night.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Alll of our flatmates are here now so we decided to go to The Quiz at the Union.

We got there and it seems the whole of Aber were queueing!!! Took about half an hour to get in, another hour to get the rest of the queue in and it was rammed.
No seats, so everyone was just piled in on the floor, but was alright!

We did quite well, surprisingly, which is always a good thing!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Second night at Aber

Ssecond night in Aber, most of our flat have moved in now, so we decided we'd go to The Union.
We stood round having drinks + doing shots, getting to know everyone, as you do.

Was an alright night, just people were standing round in small groups talking to each other, so we were just butting in and getting to know people.

I met up with the people from yesterday, and Jade (friend of a friend) from back home but they were all going back to the Student Village, the other side of the main road.
I kind of just left my flatmates and went back ti PJM with the others. They don't half halls, its just 100s of houses that all look the same, split up into student houses.
Me + Jade were wondering round for literally an hour trying to find her house ... tiny bit drunk! Finally got there, met all her flatmates who were really nice, had more drinks, then when that ran out we went next-door to meet those people!
Anyway, that carried on until 6am when we decided all to go to bed back at everyones own houses. I cba to walk all the way home so just stayed in Jade + Helens room!

Friday, September 24, 2010

1st day in Aber

First day at Uni in Aberystwyth today!!

Parentals + Nat came to drop me off with a car full of stuff! Got here at about 1, got my key ... room 3 :)
Dumped the stuff in my room and went to town for lunch and to buy some food, came back, sorted out my laptop in the library to be able to get on the internet and that was it!
Met one of my flatmates, Keith, and they left back for Brum!

Went down to the freshers BBQ, saw a girl standing on her own so spoke to her, Hannah. We kind of joined a group of people and got chatting away for an hour with them.
Came back to my room to unpack a couple of things, put my duvet + stuff on the bed, and then back out to the Student Union with the BBQ people.

Was really good actually. Everyone was doing shots, tequila, vodka, sambuca ... everything. Some people were gone and doing shots in their eyes! No ta.
We didn't stay 'till the end but sure we'll be back tomorrow. Met 2 people doing Animal Science too :)

Feels really wierd being sat here on my own, 3 hours away from everything.
As if I have to be grown up + sort everything out by myself, and its only been a couple of hours!

Cat window shopping...

Went to Aber town earlier, first thing we see:
A cat sitting in a clothes shop window...

I already like it here :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Uni tomorrow!

As if I go to Uni tomorrow!!!

Really can't wait to get there, meet who I'll be spending the next 3 years with, see about the course, where I'll be living...

but on the other hand its SO scary to think that I'm moving away, having to fend for myself in another country (well ;) ) and not knowing anyone.

Have so many good friends in Brum, its wierd to think that we're all going to different parts of the country to start a new bit of life, meet new people ... but then we're all back in a few weeks for Christmas! :)

Life in boxes...

My life is packed up in boxes ready to go to Wales.

Thats me :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Moreton In Marsh show - Cotswold Chickens

Have been in Moreton In Marsh this weekend - chickening again!
Working for Jude again, on the Cotswold Chickens stand :)

Up early to get there. Luckily they'd already set up the gazebo, shelves, housing + things yesterday, so we had to just had to put a few bits out, sort the eglus and cubes, install the chickens and go!
Inside the gazebo

Was on the stand with Jude, Anthony, Clare + Rosie. We had a proper card machine this time which worked really well.
Really different products were selling compared to Thames - these were proper chickeny people. We were busy all day though and took a load of orders, which is always a good thing. Nice to see people interested in keeping chickens!

Had a huge brown t-shirt with the logos on ... looked like a dress on Clare! :P

Have a chest infection + on antibiotics, so shivering + then burning up all day, but was still good - think we need a chair at the next one though!

There was a poultry tent + show there, right behind us. Alice (my barred wyandotte)'s sister placed in her class! :) Tasha, who she's from said Alice is better, but has the wonky toe!
My Cream Legbar boy went to his new home too. Pre-arranged to meet a lady there so she came and collected him + hes gone to live with her girls :)

We saw Alex James from Blur there, he came over and said Hi, said he was interested in getting an eglu so gave him a brochure. We recognised him but didn't realise who it was until someone said!