Thursday, July 28, 2011

Esmerelda has a chick :)

Esmerelda has hatched her first chick!

The first Quigley baby to hatch here too. Not sure who the egg came from, I guess Mabel but could be Cilla or Alice/Eliza.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camping in Sussex - Bodiam

Have been Camping this week in Bodiam which is in East Sussex :)
There were 7 of us in the end so me + Mika drove down.
Down the M1, then queue's on the M25 as usual but we chucked on Aretha Franklin RESPECT and Valerie by Amy Winehouse and sang to all the other traffic so that kept us, and most of the other cars, amused for hours :P

Got the the campsite about half 8 and chucked up my 2 pop up tents which we kept everything in and then we all put up Cookie's 10 man tent that we slept in.
Drove to Sainsbury's to get munch (chicken + noodles!) and went back to cook it. Attempted to make a fire with charcoal which was a bit of a fail but me + George went to the woods to get a load of sticks and then there was a wood pile on the way to the loo's which we 'borrowed' some logs from so we weren't cold!

Next morning we had sausages + beans in a tin for breakfast and went to Hastings, played in the sea which was really cold...

then on to Eastbourne and then up to Beachy Head.

Stopped in Eastbourne again to go and play with Sketts ball on the beach.
Went to Te$co on the way back to get a disposable BBQ + a load more food + booze. Had chicken + mini jacket potatoes for tea, cooked on the BBQ + fire, and we made corn on the cob.
Actually had fire lighting gel, charcoal, proper coal + bags of logs tonight so had a big fire that lasted aages :))

Next morning we cooked toast on the fire that was still going from the night before and made a load of boiled eggs. Sat around the fire for ages, burnt things - camping chair, football, milk - packed up and left just before 3. Got stuck in loads of queues on the M25 'cos Mika took us the wrong way round, stopped at a couple of services 'cos Nikki needed a wee, dropped everyone back and eventually got home for about 8!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Trip to Wales! Vesey House, Aber + Snowdon...

Back from Wales!

We decided a couple days ago we were going to climb Snowdon and I said we should stop in Aber ... not exactly close but its closer than here!
7 of us went so 2 cars - me + George.
First went to Betws y Coed to see Vesey House, the house school used to own + where we went in Year 7. Was strange being back and that we recognised it, tis a Bunk house for tourists now so we got one of them to take a photo of us outside.

Then we carried on driving, parked the car + climbed up Snowdon ... sooo much effort + took 6 hours.
Went up the Pyg Track and came back down the Miners Track ... only diverted a bit, ended up climbing down a small waterfall and some of them went down a stupid incline ... I went the safe way with The Woman :P
Us at the top - 1085m high...

Near the car park we were driving along behind George's car + a lamb jumped out of nowhere, hit the back of his car + just stopped in the road! We stopped, a bws coming the other way nearly ran it over but Chris jumped out + chased it back over the wall.
Then drove to Aber. Got fish + chips and went to Spoons for pitchers of Purple Rain and Woo Woo.
Back to the house for a few drinks and then bed in the empty flatmates rooms and on the sofas!

Aching knees when we woke up. Found out the showers work but you have to open the window 'cos of the steam ... which looks onto the house window opposite - bit wierd?
We went to Machnylleth for breakfast, and then on to Aberdovey. Went on the beach, paddle in the sea and got ice creams, in the rain :)

Drove to Welshpool, filled up the car and then to Shrewsbury! Got nom + drinks and carried on home.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Womble progress!

Was SO happy with Womble (one of the rescue ponies) today! :D
He let me hold him on a lead rope straight away this morning, then we let him smell the brush + managed to brush him all over (apart from his tail) combed his mane and let us spray him to make him all shiny.
Kevin came to look and was surprised! After a few goes I managed to pick up his foot and then Steffie hoof picked his front feet and everything!
We took him for a walk onto the yard on a lunge rope with Kevin and took a few photos, took him back to the stable and he refused to go in for Steffie + Kevin and would only go in for me :P

Considering he needed 2 lots of sedations and a tranquilisation dart just to get a head collar on him a few weeks ago, he's come a MASSIVE way in just 2 days.
I think he really trusts me now + know it sounds stupid but theres some connection!
ily him :))

Monday, July 11, 2011

Esmerelda is still sat on her eggs!

Day 3 + Esmerelda is still broody!

Making friends with Womble

Been a horsey day at work today!
Helped Steffie muck out all the stables, I say help, I just held the horses, got straw and emptied the barrow. Think theres 16 although a couple have chicken stuff + tack in!

We took a few horses out to the field to give us 6 stables for some horses coming in.

Womble the little pony came in as a rescue and was really skitty and has been calming down a lot.
Me + Steffie went in and he let me hold his head collar rope today so we stood with him for ages. Let him go + did it again. He doesn't like women as much but eventually let Steffie get him.

He still won't let us touch him much, only his nose + face, but managed to scratch his neck :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Broody Esmerelda

Esmerelda, my Welsummer bantam, is sat on some eggs in a rabbit hutch in the greenhouse, I moved her last night and so far so good.
Am hoping she sits tight and hatches some 'cos I've waited all year for a broody! Bit rubbish timing 'cos they'll hatch a few days before we go to Mexico but I can't really keep her broody for 6 weeks to make her wait!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

FAME - Brit Youth

Another week in the theatre with Brit Youth, doing FAME :)

Has gone really fast, again. Good to see everyone though + bare good times! :')
Eh? Woah!
We all had 80's stuff on backstage so they could go on + do scene changes with lights up.
I was sat at my desk calling the show + opping lights but would be rude not to join in... Love my purple leg warmers :P

Did 3 performances today, and then the Get Out after.
Went to Mint after for a few drinks with everyone, and then back to Michelle + Steves for another 6. Didn't realise how drunk I was but was good night :) So tired now though!

We're doing 3 weeks next year 'cos they're splitting the ages from 8-11 and 12-20.
Younger kids are going Annie and the Older group are doing The Wiz! :)

Gutted my camera ran out of battery but a few people took some + got some rubbish ones on my phone.
Plotting lights...
 Mostly finished Set...
 "Think of Meryl Streep"
 "Mabels Prayer"

There has to be a totem pole photo 'cos there's one every year!