Monday, January 31, 2011

Adele - Someone Like You

Love this song.
Reminds me of Christmas, Driving along in the dark singing it with Nat and Home :')

Adele - Someone Like You:

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reading Bantam Show

Really looking forward to the "Reading & District Bantam Show" now!!

Am working for Cotswold Chickens again on the trade stand, and will see loads of Chickeny friends there! :P

Phoned Mother tonight to convince her to go. We should have Grumps' new car by then Nat has the Sat of work too so have booked them to stay at the same Travellodge as us on the Friday night, can some to the show on Sat and will get to see them on Fri :))

4 weeks to go! :P

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Going to the Zoo...Zoo...Zoo, For an Interview...view...view

Been to the Zoo today for an interview about Work Experience! Got up at half 7 to be ready for half 8, got to town, got our train tickets and then got the 9.30 train, 20 mins later we were there. Was about a 10 minute walk, didn't quite know where we were going but spoke to someone, said who we were (was with my friend Cody) and they said "She'll be down in a minute".

5 minutes later a lady walked out the house towards us with something on a lead...
Nillie the Lynx! She was hand reared and is only a few months old, so still has some growing to do. Jean, the boss, picked her up and we stroked her - she purred so loud! She still lives in the house at night but goes outside into her run during the day. The zoo have two 18 year old Lynx brothers who she'll eventually live with.
Jean then spoke to us; were asked what we'd done before, what animals we liked, jobs we wanted, about Uni etc, then filled in a form.

I was put with a keeper called Elaine, and we went off to do all the birds. Mixed up the feed and put them ready in their bowls. Chickens and Call ducks obv had layers and corn, Kookaburra had 2 mice and 2 chicks, then we did some african carnivorous birds, budgies, parrots, finches, 2 (eagle?) owls, peafowl. There are 2 rhea and 2 emu too, but we didn't feed those. Fed the chipmunks and a couple other little furries.
Theres loads more animals but Cody went round and did those. Snakes, tortoises, crocodile, lizards, monkeys, couple of groups of lemur, wallabies (who live with the chickens!), a porcupine.
Then the normal pigs, ponies, rabbits, guinea pigs, sheep and goats ... you get the idea :P
Me and Cody then went and scrubbed down all the walls and cleaned the windows in one of the monkey houses and mopped the corridor.

Was a good day, only expected to be there a couple of hours but we were there all day until 4! then got the bus back to Aber.
Its only a little place but they have some really good animals. They all seem friendly and well looked after, the only thing is it just looks tired and could do with freshening up. Bit of paint and new signs would make it a lot better, but it costs money and who am I to say that on my first day :P

Back next week! :)
We're going to go every Wednesday - finish lectures at 11 and then will go straight to the Zoo.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


People really annoy me sometimes!
I know they don't mean it, maybe sometimes they do, but its true.

You know when someone has to be right about everything. Thinks they're an expert about a particular subject but actually they're not. Yeah, things like that annoy me.

I know I'm not perfect, far from it, but I hope I don't come across as big headed and a know-it-all. If I know about something I'll say but (would like to think) am quite happy to say I don't know rather than waffle and make something up to sound like I do :/

Don't jump to conclusions, this isn't a rant at anyone in particular.

Equine Anatomy and Physiology

Went well! :)
Last exam too! :P

There were 24 multiple choice questions, which I guessed the answerers to probably 5, quite confident on the others though.

Then a 30 mark choice of 2 essays. One about roles of organs in the digestive system, the other about the evolution of the equine head.
Obviously chose the one about the digestive system!!

Wasn't too bad but knew I was waffling so probably didn't go very well!
Left after 45 mins too :)

Went into the exam with 23.5% from coursework/assignments, and need 40% to pass the module, so hopefully I can get that! :P


Sometimes I wish I had a bit more privacy...

I only really post this as a diary not for people to read, just for me to waffle + then have a look back at months later.
Obviously I know people read it and if they're interested enough to read it and comment, then yeah thats nice so I appreciate it.

You do sometimes realise how open you are, but also traceable.
Like recently a friend of mine said "I didn't realise you had so many posts on ..."
Umm, how do you know that? Made me smile but also realise how traceable we are online, especially to people that know us. It didn't bother me 'cos obviously its not something I need to hide, but just an example.

Sometimes you can't make a tiny comment about a situation (anywhere online) 'cos you'll get picked up on it straight away.
So its left, then when you really have to, you finally make a comment and everything gets blown way out of proportion whereas if you had a bit of space in the first place to rant where said person wouldn't necessarily see it (and maybe not get hurt by it) it would never have blown up into that situation.


Equine Anatomy and Physiology

Its 1:23 and I'z still revising for the exam.

"Muscles of the ear:
Scutuloauricularis superficialis, Scutuloauriculares profundi (2 muscles - major and minor), Frontoscutularis, Zygomaticoscutularis, Interscutularis, Parietoauricularis, Cervicoscutularis, Cervicoauricularis superficialis, Cervicoauricularis medius, Cervicoauricularis profundus and Parptidoauricularis"

*little bit of sick in my mouth*

I have another 44 slides just like that on muscles.
Then another 19 powerpoints for the rest of the body!
So going to fail this exam...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Work Experience

Thinkk I mentioned it the other day, I'm getting kind of bored just being in the flat all day and with the same people. Only really recently so probs to do with exams, but thought I could try + get some work experience 'cos it'd be fun and is relevant to that there degree I'm meant to be doing :)

Applied for work exp at Borth Zoo, which is a 20 train ride from Aber (although the trains only go every 2 hours) and thought I could go on a Wednesday afternoon 'cos we have that off to do "sport".
The lady replied and said yes, when was I thinking about going but I haven't heard back for a couple of days.

Also emailed someone this morning from a Llama Trekking place, in Burton near home. A friend went and so I thought I could ask. Its about half an hour from home but Grumps works (a further) 10 mins down the same road so I thought he might be able to drop me there on the way to work! :)
Would obv have to go at Easter or over the Summer, but thought I could just ask and see what they say.

Found out Lambing starts on March 17th this year, so will still be at Uni but will probably go when I'm home 3 weeks later :) Want to do some in Wales too, would be silly not to! :P

I also need to try and find a 6 week work placement for Uni which counts as one of the modules for next year. Can't really think of anywhere close to home except for a couple of farms and without having a car it'd have to be close. Did think about the vets but the one I've been to before is 40 mins away and the new one round the corner still isn't open and even though they're still working on if it you drive past, I can't see it ever being done!
On the other hand I thought I could go the opposite and go somewhere further away but stay there and do it like that.
6 weeks is a long time though!

Was asked last year to work for someone over the summer and would have loved to have done it but the distance was too far, might see if I can do it this summer and see if it counts as a work placement for Uni :)

Chicken Friends ... ily

I love my chicken friends!

People always look at me as if I'm crazy if I mention my "chicken friends", ok maybe I am a little bit :P but it just seems like normality to me now!

I've met loads of them, been camping with them, we have BBQs, been for meals + out for days with them, to their houses and even stopped over!
The number of times I've got lifts with people and I've given a couple of people lifts. Then theres all the shows and everyones really supportive of each other.
We really are like one big crazy chicken family.

There is always someone who will know what you're looking for/can help with something, and always someone who'll offer to help.
Some of them I consider as close friends who I see quite a lot but some I haven't met but I think I know well and would call a friend.
Its quite funny meeting someone for the first time, you introduce yourself with your real name and then username! :P

Someone said something to me today "Will light you a candle [in church]..." and I just thought it was mad that someone I'd never met but think of as a close friend, would do that for me.
Most of them will never read this, but its there :)

ily chicken peoples!

Biology of the Cell

Was awful.

9am exam on a Saturday... ?

The first half of the Multiple Guess I probably knew what 1 of the questions actually meant.

Then there were 6 longer questions, I knew a couple but the others I just had to guess, write down a load of key words that may have been slightly related and hope for the best :/

It was a 2 hour exam and I left after an hour, there were a load of people that left before me but I just thought I'd best sit there and pretend to try + get marks rather than just walking out.

I got 9.8 out of 10 on the coursework, but that only counts as 10% of the module.
So unlike Genes I'm only going into the exam with 9.8% of the module but still need to get 40% to pass.

Theres another exam on Monday thats worth 20% but thats about drawing and interpreting electron micrographs which tbh just look like grey blobs and I have no idea what the organelles are, let alone their function!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Genes and Evolution

Just had my first exam at 9am ... was whack! :(

I did a bit of revision for it but obv not enough. I couldn't understand half the questions but that wasn't even to do with the science!!

There was one question with a big paragraph waffling about vampires, probability and heredity of certain genes.
Then the question was about ducks?! WTF

Then there was another question about mushrooms with the accent gene which either made them scouse or geordie. Clearly the examiner though he was hilarious but he clearly wasn't.
I mean everyone knows mushrooms don't inherit genes for their accent, its environmental and about there they live :P

Anyway, think I've got 17% from my coursework and need 40% to pass the module.
Sounds really easy I know, but we'll see... :(

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Eurghh. Meant to be revising for these exams but am failing.
There is so much stuff I don't know what is key and whats not. 1500 pages in the Biology book and thats just 1 module, we have 4 exams. I think I'z just lost in it all...

Me + friends were saying earlier, we didn't realise how much science would be in the course (stupid really 'cos its called Animal Science).

I love the Animal Production Systems lectures + think they're really interesting. Equine Physiology and Anatomy, and the Animal Science are good too, but I HATE Genetics & Evolution, and Biology of the Cell

Think with all the horses + farms that Uni have that after 5 months we'd have at least touched one (live one) by now!
Hopefully we'll be able to do lambing soon.

I think I miss animals, at least the Agrics get Tractor driving lessons and the Equine's get to muck out and ride all the time! Without doing the theatre stuff, for most of the time we're in the flat or on the in lectures, need to do something apart from that.

Theres the Animalarium thing at Borth Zoo which is 20 mins away on the train (although trains are only every 2 hours!). Might see if they take volunteers so I can actually play with some animals for once. They have loads of exotics there which would be cool and is kinda relevant to the degree, could help my CV?...
Flatmates stuck a leaflet about it on my door over Christmas + my friend was on about it earlier so will speak to her.
*and breathe*
In other news, Cilla has been wandering around the kitchen today, still sniffley but has been drinking her citricidal :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back in Aber...

I'm back in Aber!! :)

Left at about 9 this morning, Nan came with us to have a look and she wanted to go on the beach.
Got here at about half 11 / 12ish, put my stuff in my room and went to Morrisons.

Got some shopping, Mother paid :P and then went to town.

Went and showed them our house for next year, looked round a couple shops and then went for lunch in Varsity.

Folly (nan) wanted to go on the beach so we walked down, went on the Pier and then onto the beach. Took a few photos...
Was surprisingly not that cold and was really sunny! Bit windy but it was fine. Walked along the beach, Folly collected some 'nice marbley' pebbles and shells to take home. Had to climb over some steps to get over the groynes ... had to hold on to her so she didn't fall, then she couldn't walk up the steep pebbley bit to get back up to the pavement. Mother just stood there lol'ing and took photos.

Came back to halls and they've just left!!
Feels really wierd to be back. Will be normal in a couple of days :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hollys 1st egg

Holly, my Christmas present hybrid from Cotswold Chickens, the Speckledy laid her 1st egg today :))

54g ... yeah I'm that sad ;)

Hopefully it means t'others'll start laying soon! :P

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oop North!

Went Oop North to Hull today to go and see my friend Sandie + her family and George the puppy!! :D

He's a Shih Tzu x Westie puppy + is sooo cute! :P

I bought him a dog toy dummy + he was so funny fetching it + wondering around with it in his mouth! :P

Me + George:

Went + saw all of Sandies chickens (22!) and then played with George again! lol

We had pizza which was nom + then stopped in the Hull Travelodge ... ngl wasn't the best one we'z stopped at but was still a good day!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Email from Jane Howorth, BHWT!!

I've just had an email from Jane Howorth, the founder of the British/Battery Hen Welfare Trust!! :D

Have been kicking up a bit of a fuss about Cadbury using battery hen eggs in their Creme Eggs.
They pledging to make the change in 2008 and its yet to happen.

Worst thing is, they have a "Good Egg Award" from Compassion In World Farming!!!

Julia Kendell, patron of the BHWT also tweeted me about it last night and this morning saying she's appauled and will try to raise a bit more awareness!
Hopefully we'll get somewhere this year, with pressuring Cadbury to Make the Change to Free Range!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chickens Ruling The World

A friend sent me this photo...

So true ;)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Homebrew Turbo Cider - Bottled!

Have bottled up the Turbo Cider :)
We tried it on NYE + it was a bit yeasty but since then the yeast settled and its gone clear and tastes better now :P
Syphoned it off into the glass bottles, added blackcurrant to the one on the right.

Welsh National Poultry Show

Welsh National Poultry Show this weekend :)
Went up on Saturday with Tasha, penned her birds and headed for the hotel. Posh hotel this time! Was really nice, but really hot + couldn't sleep.

Show was on Sunday...
Photo shoot with Tasha's Best Fowl Trio that made it on to Championship Row! ;)
1st prize Bantam Wyandotte.
Appenzeller cockerel with a really cool comb!
3rd place game cockerel
Trio of Indian game in the sales pens
Indian game sales pens
Transylvanian Naked Neck!! How cool is she?! 8)
Chocolate Wyandottes in the sales pens! *wants* ;)

Tasha did really well again!! 1st, 2nd and 3rd with her Barred Wyandottes. Then best trio in the Heavy breed bantam class ... they were judged against the other 1st trios and she got Best Fowl Trio, so got on to Championship Row and got a medal :P

The Waterfowl Show was on on both days of the weekend, so there were a lot of waterfowl there - more cute call ducks!!
Welsh National isn't as big as our National but was still a really good weekend :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Homebrew Turbo Cider

Forgot to post about it before, I've made some homebrew Turbo Cider :P

Got the stuff on my birthday but only made it the week before Christmas.
You just head together apple juice and sugar, put it in the demi-john with some more apple juice, add wine yeast and leave it to froth away. Next day add the rest of the juice and leave it by the radiator...

Made 5 litres, so it sat there bubbling away and we opened it on New Years Eve. It smelt really strongly of yeast, so we added some more sugar and it was alright. Added blackcurrant juice to make Cider + Black and it was really nice!!

Have bought a couple of glass bottles with stopper lids, so can bottle it into those :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Britain's Got Talent: London Auditions

Went to London for the Britain's Got Talent auditions :)

Got free tickets online through Applausestore again ... we've been the last 3 years but the Birmingham dates were later this year + we're all back at Uni so went to London instead!

Was at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo so we got the train to Euston + tubed it to Hammersmith.
Got there at 3 and there was already a queue! Doors opened at 5.15 so already had a while to wait but some people must have been there a lot longer.

Stood in the drizzley rain and eventually got let in late at 10 to 6ish. We were upstairs, kind of near the front.

The warm-up man comes on, gets the audience wound up and introduces everyone...
Judges this year were Michael McIntyre, Amanda Holden and Louis Walsh (who was standing in for The Hoff). Ant and Dec came on after + everyone started screaming :P

They set up for the act, act comes on and then gets judged then they clear and start again. Micheal McIntyre was quite funny when he was judging :P
There was no-one amazing tbf. "Mandy Gap" was quite good, and a Brass band too. Some were bad though, one "comedy" man was just scary. Amanda ran and hid behind Michael :P lol

Finished about 10 so back to the tube to Euston. Got food there and then got on the train at half 11. Got in to New St at half 1!


Been to London with friend today :)

Got the train from New St at half 11 + we were in Euston before 1. We had a few hours to kill and 'cos friend hadn't really been to London we did a whistlestop visit of London.

Got on the tube and noticed the woman sitting opposite me. It was Sue, the mom off Outnumbered! Claire Skinner :P
She smiled and said Hi, and really stalkery I took a photo! Is rubbish though lol
Got the tube to Leicester Square, got food + walked round eating it up to Piccadilly Circus. Got on the tube there to Trafalgar Square and had a walk round, didn't do the cheesy tourist thing of a photo with the lions.
Walked down White Hall + saw the few bits there.
Saw the horse + guards. All the tourists were having their photo taken with the horses but everytime it moved they'd run off screaming? I went over + stroked it and he was fine, tickled his lips + he didn't bite :P

Past Downing St to Westminster and Big Ben chimed Quarter past 2. Went halfway over Westminster Bridge + saw the London Eye, Aquarium and all that lot. Back on the tube to South Kensington.
Natural History Museum + were going to walk to Harrods but was effort so we didn't bother.

Back on the tube again to Hammersmith and went to queue up for Britains Got Talent London auditions...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cinderella the Panto

Have been at the theatre again today for the Get In for Cinderella the Panto.
Its good to be back + see everyone! :)

The SM (stage manager) wasn't there so they asked me to kind of take over and do that, just making sure people know what to do and running 'the book'.

The Get In went really well, no real problems and all went up really quick. I was up in the Flys + we had a few cloths, swish track and tab tracks to go up.

The dress + tech rehearsal went really well too! :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve

So everyone came round to ours last night and we'z got a liiiittle bit drunk :P
I wasn't that bad but was drinking my Homebrew Turbo Cider which was a bit yeasty + rank but we added sugar to it and made Cider + Black(currant) which was dank.

Nothing got damaged so t'was good :)
Well, George did fall into the christmas tree and was sick all over the carpet and patio doors on the way to getting outside to be sick, but by the time he was outside he'd chundered it all up.

We set off some of those fire lanterns ... the eco, biodegradable no metal wires, ones ... and so did the neighbours.
Only, theirs got stuck in the tree and just sat there burning away :P

Finally went to bed at about 5 'cos we were just sitting there talking in our slightly intoxicated state. Pazzy was on about being ticklish, and well, the rest I won't blog ;)
Woke up about 8 and realised *owww* I was burning, moaned but fell back to sleep.
Back to sleep for 10 mins *owwww!*
Back to sleep again and another 10 mins later *OWWWWW!?* ... the radiators were on full and I was lying right on it.
(I should have mentioned at this point that there were 3 people sleeping in my bed)

There were people asleep on my floor so think I probably trod on a few of those trying to get to my door. Went downstairs where there were a further 3 people, one of them being George asleep on the sofa in the exact same position as last night, still with the stuff balanced on him that we'd put there.
Turned the heating off, returning with a massive bottle of squash 'cos no-one could talk, which was rather appreciated.

Think we got up at about 10, sat around, vacummed and tidied up a bit. Sprayed every sort of cleaning chemical we had in the house on the carpet which made the sick go bright flourescent green.

Thought't it'd be a good idea to drive to ASDA for breakfast but didn't account for them being shut! Although they did have 3 mahoosive cages full of christmas chocolates that were 10p + 50p.
Me + Mika bought a few each, George bought a box of 32! :P

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

As if its 2011 already. Seems to have flown past!

Someone asked whats the best and worst things thats happened to you in 2011...

Passing my driving test

Attempting A-levels
Getting into Uni
Hatching 9 chicks, Orville the duckling and adding 6 girls to the flock
Building the chickens Walk-In-Run
Entering chicken shows and getting a couple of 1st's!
Holiday in Cuba
Photos won at The National and were in Practical Poultry

RIP Grandad
RIP Orville
Being foxed twice – Theodore, Matilda, Purkinje, Pox. Then Jemima