Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 13

I've just candled the eggs and I can still only see 1 egg with veins in it.
The other eggs have really patterned and dark shells so you can't really see the inside.

I'm hoping half of the eggs hatch, out of 19.

I wired up the bulb and plug for the brooder and it works, all I need now is the bulb. I could use a ceramic, infra-red, or a normal reflector. The infra-red and ceramic are expensive, so I might use a normal reflector, but even then you can buy coloured ones so the light isn't as intense for the chicks.

I also ordered 500g of turkey crumbs off ebay for the chicks, it cost 82p + £2.60 for the postage. Apparently turkey crumb is better than chick crumb as it has a higher % of protein, which quail need.

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