Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bantam egg!

The bantams laid their first egg today!
Its a tiny little pure white egg and it came from the Buff Rock.
I've red mite powdered them, clipped their wings and nails and will worm them to make sure they're fine to go in with the others. The buff rock has slightly scaley legs, so I've put vegetable oil on both their legs just to be sure its not scaley leg mites.


Mayo said...

Congrats on your 'first-born'.

I've heavily empathised with the Speckled Sussex; so pretty, but such a cr-p name!!
I'm assuming 'it's' female, in which case if you let me have her, I'll rename her 'The Exquisitely Pretty One', and I bet she'll lay better for me !!!!

As a matter of interest, have R & J ever had any surviving offspring ??
Really weird if not, 'cos you are obviously doing all the right stuff.

Best regards.


LWescott said...

I think the're a bit young to lay yet ... its a good name ;)
R&J did have one baby, a female called Bambam! A few others have hatched but not made it :(