Sunday, December 13, 2009


I think the ducks now have names ... Jemima + Geraldine.

They were out in the garden earlier while I sorted out their hutch and then clipped their wings. We got a little paddling pool out for them and they wouldn't go near it, but then they saw the hose and couldn't get enough of it!

Not sure what they'll live in long-term, either in the wooden coop with the chickens in the new walk in run, I could move the little chickens in with the big ones and the ducks have the eglu, or I could get a new eglu 'Go' without a run and do some swap arounds.
I wouldn't normally keep them together but they've always been kept with chickens at the farm they came from and we can't have 2 WIR's ... I think they'd be better in a WIR rather than an eglu run.



hai there...

nice is a peking duck?

LWescott said...

They're Aylesbury ducks :P