Sunday, January 31, 2010

'You couldn't make it up'

Just had to post this, a story from an Omleteer friend.
Her daughter is a teacher ...
" ... a pupil 'Dave' has autisim, now any of you who know or work with this group of kids will understand they dont quite see the world as we do.
Dave phoned his mum at work and said "Mum I've caught a troll"
His mum said "Don't be silly, go back and play your Xbox I will be home in an hour"
Half an hour later she gets a call from a neighbour who tells her she had better get home as her house is surrounded by police officers.
She arrives home to mind the fire arms unit etc and on the doorstep are two policeman crying with laughter.

It appears Dave answered the door to the gas man who had come to read the meter who unfortunately happened to be a dwarf. Dave let him in, shoved him into the cupboard under the stairs where the meter was and barricaded it.
The gas man had then had to call the police who thought it was a hostage situation hence the firearms unit. The two policeman that had let him out found him sitting on his toolbox with his torch on were beside themselves the gas man was also is hysterics and couldn't wait to tell his mates at work or his wife.

All ended well luckily but honestly you just couldn't make it up."

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