Saturday, March 13, 2010


Lewis is rather happy!

Up early + in Brum for 10ish. Me + friend got stopped by some random woman who did market research about 'mens products' - had to look at a screen and they scanned my eyes to see where I looked first, for how long etc then taken to a fake shop and had to point out what I'd buy. Got £5 for doing it!

Then later on a different woman asked us to do some more in the Odeon about chocolate.
"I like you, what are you doing next Saturday" - she wants me to join one of her focus groups about the Museum + Art gallery and get £20! :P

Got home and mothers BHWT bag is here, and I got a letter from Aberyswyth Uni :/ ...
Its a cheque for £48 in expenses for going to the visiting day and about those 2 entrance exams I did a few weeks ago ...

I have gained a "Merit Award"
They're giving me £1,000 and an unconditional offer :O
Doesn't matter what I get in A-Levels ... I can go to Aber! :)))
Lewis is raaaaaather happy


Mayo said...


A million congrats. Couldn't be more well-deserved or have happened to a nicer guy.

Just think that, in ten years time, I'll be able to brag to my friends about having had contact with you when you were just a school-boy and be able to say "Just look at the exalted circles he moves in these days" !!!


LWescott said...

Thanks Max :P

Wonder what I will be doing in 10 years?! Strange to think ...