Friday, July 23, 2010

CLA Game Fair - Omlet

I was working at the Omlet stand again today, this time at the CLA Game Fair in Alcester, nr Warwick. It took soo long to get there - left the house at 20 past 7 and got there just after 9 ... sat-nav said we should be there at 8.15 when we left! It was a stand-still for the last few miles, luckily we left enough time.

Was on with George from Omlet again, and Diane :)
George has pretty much put up the eglus and cubes, so I just put the shades on, took the chickens out the crates into the Cube and Classic, fed and watered them and put out the leaflets.

We sold 3 cubes and a beehaus - I didn't take the orders but pretty much sold a cube and a half, then there were 2 couples that said they will book later in the year.

There was another chicken stand next to us - Smith Sectional - they had some really good coops and were really nice people ... met Sheila off the forum too :)

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