Saturday, April 16, 2011

BHWT ex-batt rescue

Had a really good day in Northants at a BHWT ex-battery he rescue.
I got there about half 9 and they'd already been at the farm for a few hours collecting the hens. They came back and we unloaded them from the crates into the shed.
There were 200 of them. They were a lot more lively and flighty than I thought but apparently that's 'cos they've come from the new enchanced cages.

There were a few poorlies that have gone home with Em and Anna for a bit of TLC before going on to new homes.

We went back to Annas for a Chinese and to have a look at her lot - love it! Everyone has heaters + lights, all been thought out + works perfectly. Loads of chickens too! :))

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