Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Year 2 Module Choices

Ok, so I need to decide modules choices for Year 2.
Theres 4 pathways: Biology, Equine, Animal Production or Companion.
Biology is about enzymes, proteins, molecules ... NO.
Equine doesn't really bother me so choice of the other 2.

Animal Production is more farm'y so I'd really like to do that, but Companion would probably be better if I ever went to vet school, and most of friends are doing that, not that I'd decide on that!

We have 40 credits worth of choice. My Work Experience Placement is a 10 credit module, so that means I don't do a 10 credit academic module next year.

Animal Production I have to do Grassland Management (10) and Animal Production Systems (20), so with WEP (10) thats all my credits ... so can't do Organic Farming (10).

Companion is choice of Animal Behaviour (20), Health and Behaviour of Horse (20 credits + over 2 semesters), Companion Animal Health (10), Companion Animal Anatomy + Physiology (10) and then I've chosen WEP (10)

We have to go through all the module briefs and descriptions to choose. Don't like look of Animal Behaviour.
So need to decide between Health or Anatomy...
I guess Anatomy will be dissections so might do that ... and Health looks good but is 100% exam!


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