Monday, September 24, 2012

Epic Summer 2012

Not gonna lie, I've had a pretty epic 4 months off!
Finished Uni on the 28th May and am going back this week.

I worked with camels for a week of the jubilee, went to Radio 1 Hackney Big Weekend, Stage Managed 2 shows for Brit Youth Theatre, volunteered and camped for a week at Latitude Festival and went to London to watch the Olympics.
Fell off a platform slightly drunk and ended up in A&E with a snapped foot, then got on a plane 8 hours later (in a wheelchair lift!) and went on a cruise around Corfu, Greece and Turkey.

Volunteered and more camping at Reading Festival, even more camping and BBQ with chicken friends. Got chased around the Safari Park by a deer and Camels (twice) and LOADS more than I can't even remember!

In between that I've worked with chickens, written articles for 2 poultry magazines and probably should have started my dissertation.

Not had many lazy days sitting at home, spent it all with friends and family.

I'm broke, overdrawn and tanned but loved every minute of it.
May be the last big Summer before I graduate (hopefully!), have to grow up and enter the real world.

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