Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Breaking in Dafydd the pony

Am going along to help back and break in a young pony called Dafydd, he's a gelding in with 2 mares so he took a couple mins to catch and he was a bit weary at first when we separated him from his ladies. There's also a mare and young foal in the next field so they were all excited too.
We led him around the field do get him used to us and just to get him doing something.
We then went back into the smaller area, leant on his back and walked him round, Sophie leant across his back and eventually got onto his back without a saddle on and to be fair to him, he was really good!

He was really excitable and completely motivated by carrots and polo's to the point he was pushy and a bit nippy so we're going to have to teach him some manners!

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