Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Poultry Dispatch Course in Wales

I ran a Dispatch, Pluck and Gut course this weekend in Aberystwyth and had a great time.
We ended up with 5 people on the course and then as families arrived later on we had 11 for the BBQ.

The course went well, everyone seemed to enjoy it and feedback has been really good.
We dispatched in Angela's new goat shed and hung the chickens from beams:

Then went into the mock Medieval Tavern for gutting.

We spatchcocked and BBQ'd the chickens and ate them out on the decking

Then when I got home I roasted mine...
...was the best roast chicken ever!!

Really looking forward to the next course on 6th October at Cotswold Chickens now!

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kenneth monk said...

just like you to know I enjoyed
your outing,good pictures,thanks