Friday, September 19, 2014

First week of Vet School

The first week at vet school has flown by and although it wasn't what I expected, I think it was better.

I can't get over or express how nice the years above have been in looking after us, getting us settled in and sharing stories.
When we were at the airport they sorted out taxi's for us, they've shown us cclassrooms, where to go for cheap printing/photocopying and every few hours on the UVM Facebook there's offers of books, notes and revision material being given away for various modules.
So many people have invited us in for a chat, brew, to give us notes on a memory stick - someone even gave me a set of laptop speakers for free so we can watch films 'cos they had 2 pairs!

It's strange going back to the classroom environment after a year out and lectures are all 2 hours but apart from having to get up for 7am lectures twice a week I'm enjoying it!
 Our Genetics lecturer is German so quite heavily accented and speaks quietly so we had to concentrate on hearing him as well as understanding what he was trying to get across but all other lecturers have been really good.
The Anatomy lecturer has great spoken English and really knows her subject so that was interesting and that lecture flew past - it helped that we have a 2 hour Anatomy practical straight after the lecture so it's all fresh in our minds and we can apply it to real bones etc and anything we didn't understand in the lecture we can recap in the practical.

We've put in for Exemptions in 3 subjects, Anatomy, Physiology and Immunology, as we covered those quite a lot in Animal Science - it basically means that we still go to all lectures, practicals and do mid-term Credit tests but instead of having 120 topics we'll be examined on in the Final Exam, we could have those cut down to a dozen topics that we'll be examined on.
The requests are submitted to professors/heads of department along with the syllabus from our previous modules and our results and can take a few weeks to hear back but here's hoping!

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