Friday, September 11, 2015

New Chickens

Our adult flock is down to 7 birds at the moment (not including the Pekin growers) and as they're getting older we are getting fewer eggs.

I went out this week and bought four new hybrids, originally two White Stars, a Columbian Blacktail and a Black Star

The Black Star developed a swollen face and bubbly eyes once we got her home. I suspected Mycoplasma (though they are vaccinated against one strain) so isolated her and contacted the supplier. She agreed to swap her straight away which we did for another Blacktail. 
I've kept an eye on the others and they all seem to be in good health so hopefully it was a one off.

The following day one of the Blacktails laid her first egg, it's only tiny and known as a Pullet Egg but they do get bigger with age.

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