Tuesday, March 3, 2009

School Chicks

We've been planning on hatching some eggs at school for quite a long time. It started when we went on a University lecture about DNA and were talking about all the things you can do to a developing chick like dying them different colours, and at the early stages if you mix up the ball of cells the chicks come out with feet on the end of their wings and things like that!

Anyway, school said we could think about hatching some eggs, so I kind of helped to organise it all because I've obviously hatched the quail chicks at home, helped to raise the turkeys on work experience and then at Ash End they had the incubators running every day of the year so I got to see quail, loads of rare breed chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl, loads of different ducks and geese which was really special :D
No-one else at school has ever hatched anything so we've got a few brochures in from different companies, I've written a hatching guide to help us all and bought a few books and hopefully we'll have some chicks in June/July. I'm really excited!

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