Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Memories :)

Someone was just asking about why I had chickens and it got me thinking so I thought I'd waffle:

I remember we went to Anglesey and stayed in a cottage on farm for a week, it was so good. They had cows, a few dogs and chickens - strangely I don't remember there being any sheep.

It was quite a few years ago so I was only young, and the farmer's grand-daughter was the same age as me + my brother so we used to play all around the farm, hiding somewhere like in a livestock trailor or at the top of a hay barn and Tanny the Jack Russel would run round sniffing us all out. I really clearly remember us all being chased along the fence of a field by a young bullock and then running into one of the cow sheds and getting stuck in all the 'mud', we got covered in the stuff!
Every morning we'd sit on the back of the quadbike and ride around the hills feeding all the cows by tipping it off the back of the quad, obviously us coming from Brum had never spent so much time on a farm and so it was really good, and the grand-daugter was usually bored and on her own so it was good for all of us.

Back to the chickens, there was one chicken which was ill and being bullied so we separated her into a little pen in the barn, pushing her round in an old pushchair! it had a name I think, I can't remember it now though. At the end of the week she was nearly better so we were going to put her back in with the other on the last day - the last morning a rat had bitten her head off :o !

We kept in touch for a few years writing letters + stuff, Tanny the dog died of cancer a while after we'd been :(

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