Saturday, April 11, 2009

A week on Skye

I've just got back from a week in Scotland. We drove up to Glasgow which really reminded me of Birmingham, the style of houses, roads and shops, it felt quite like being at home! We and stayed a night there and then carried on the rest of the way to Carbost on the Isle of Skye.
It felt like an age in the car (took about 12 hours), but I was asleep for quite a few hours of it!
The house we stayed in was really nice, overlooked a lake and there were sheep, cows and free-range chickens next door! It's a new build and we were the first people in it so got to try everything out. Because its so far away from anything they provided everything you would need to live there.
Me + Nat went for a walk up a hill on the first day + found a waterfall + war memorial at the top + the view was good :)
A few days in it started to rain really heavily so we stayed in, and a seal appeared outside in the loch. It stayed there for a long time just swimming around.

When it got dark it got DARK and you couldn't see a thing because there was no refracted light in the sky, it was quite scary.
The whole thing was claustrophobic in a non-claustrophobic way :/ It took 45 mins to get to the shops so would take ages to get anywhere, and when you were in the house you were nothing in this massive environment making you feel really small and insignificant. Really strange.
Me + Dad went to the Talisker distillerery which was quite interesting and just something to do.
The farmers just let their sheep wander around the hills and on the roads (which was quite dangerous at times), and aren't fenced in at all - proper free-range! They didn't look like they'd lambed yet because I think they lamb later than us up north.
No deer were seen all week, and on the way home really early in the morning we saw one, and then loads!
It feels good to be back home in my own bed :D - I've got to be up early tomorrow for day 3 of lambing! I can't wait.

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