Friday, May 8, 2009


The last eggs didn't hatch. Judy laid another egg so there were 3, then a few days later they all fell out of the nest onto the floor and went cold. One was cracked, so I pulled it open and there was a tiny chick in it even with little feathers! So I know they are fertile, just unlucky :/
She laid another egg the day before yesterday and last night it cracked while she was sitting on it so she was covered in yolk. I washed and disinfected the whole cage and nest and made sure she was cleaner.
I think she might get a lack of calcium if she keeps laying like this, so I've made sure they always have grit and cuttlefish, so hopefully will be ok.

Matilda + Theodore the chickens went walkies next door today. I looked through the gap in the fence and they were on the lawn eating all the grass!

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