Sunday, May 17, 2009

School Hatching Eggs

I've been looking at hatching eggs today for school. We want blug egg layers, and will have to decide wether to do for a pure breed or a hybrid.
Pure breeds are more likely to go broody, lay fewer eggs but for a longer amount of time.
Hybrids are egg laying machines so will lay lots of eggs but only for a couple of years, some hybrid breeds tend to have more health problems, they don't often go broody because its seen as unproductive so they've had it bred out of them.

Cream Crested Legbars are the pure breed I think I'll go for and there is a new hybrid breed that been developed called the 'Brilley Blue' which are blue chickens and they lay blue eggs. They are quite an unusual breed because they're a pure breed hybrid, they breed true to type so their chicks would be the same as the parents.
Both of the breeds are auto sexing, so will be able to sex them as soon as they hatch because the different sexes will be different colours.

The incubator holds 12 eggs, so I might get 6 of both breeds :) I've emailed a few breeders and found the eggs so its all a waiting game now :D

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