Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another DIS :(

Another Diamond Dove chick dead in shell, Judy left it and I left her to see if she'd get back on but she didn't, its a couple of days overdue.
I opened it, and the air sac was really big, but not pipped. There was a perfect little chick inside, fully developed but hadn't hatched for some reason.
Its the 3rd time a chick has developed and not hatched so I don't know whats going on with them. They aren't growing too big for the shell, and the shell can't be too thick so I don't really know what has happened :(


Mayo said...

Hi Lewis,
Following your blog for ages with interest. Just wanted to say sorry to hear about the latest Diamond chick. Weird, 'cos it's obvious that you're doing all the right stuff. Keep trying; you'LL get there.
What do you know about baby ducks. . . I'm shortly to get 'stuck' with two or threee whose mother has bitten the dust. Had a baby aylesbury, that hatched in my hand, when I was young, but my mother was a vet so I didn't need to know too much at that stagew.
Thanks a mill for a fascinating blog.
Best wishes.
Max (Omlet - Mayo).

LWescott said...

I don't know that much about ducklings, we hatched a few at the farm naturally and with incubators.
They need to be in a brooder with a heat source and some feed. Do you know how old they are?