Monday, June 22, 2009


I feel surrounded by babies.
Theres been some exciting news announced, a newborn today and a baby due withing the next few days.
I always think I'll break new babies so leave them alone for a couple of months! Then I'm fine after that - much rather have a newborn lamb/chick, know I won't break those!!

We set up the incubator this afternoon and I got an email saying that the eggs have been sent out and should be here tomorrow ready to be set on Wednesday, so more babies on the way in a few weeks.

...and just because I like it:
The best thing about a hug? One size fits all


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Mayo said...

Congrats, Daddy.
Do hope all goes well. I'll keep my wings crossed.

I have seven or eight rescued day-old ducklings arriving early next week, so I'll have my hands full too.
Best Regards.
(Omlet - Mayo).