Wednesday, November 4, 2009

School Open Evening

Purkinje + Theodore have been to school for Open Evening again. I made some posters about battery hens, their food (and took some of all the food and grit with me) and about the chicks and how we hatched them, to put on the table. The one that got most people talking was the one about how much space a battery hen is given - 450cm2 (an A4 piece of paper is 650cm2!)
I took Theodore because the other chicks we hatched have gone to the farm, so just so Purkinje didn't scream all night looking for another chicken! For most of the night Theodore stayed in the run eating sweetcorn and I walked around with Purkinje.
When I wasn't holding her she just sat on the table and let people stroke her and didn't try to run away.

Theodore did jump out of the run at one point but I grabbed her and it was all fine :P

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