Saturday, February 27, 2010


Don't know what to say .... just what I've already posted on the forum ...

I'm absolutely gutted ...........................

I knew something was wrong, couldn't hear/see them, went up and there is just feathers :'(
Nugget (buff rock bantam) is the only one left - untouched. She was on top of the run, under the shower curtain, no idea how she got under there ?
One I'm most gutted about is the only school chick left ... Purkinje :(

Don't know what to do. Not upset, not angry, just gutted ... empty :

Now there are all the What if's ... the WIR was built, they weren't FRing, we had gone to Reading (theres a chicken show on today).

I know she can't be on her own, she doesn't look touched at all, will sort her out in a bit.

The ducks were locked up in the side passage so are ok...

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