Saturday, February 27, 2010


Tasha, one of my chickeny friends has offered me one of her hens!

She sent me a message and it was the first time all day I was all emotional/sad ... sounds rubbish doesn't it? but its soo kind I don't think I can stress it!
We've been shopping all day trying not to think about it ...

I wanted to get Nugget a friend, because she can't be on her own - chickens are flock animals. Was planning on going to the farm tomorrow, they don't always sell pure breed hens on their own, they prefer trios so they aren't just left with all the cockerels.
I could have put her in with the ducks, but Gerald sometime chases her (and Pox) so thought it might just stress her out even more.
I went out to her earlier and she was in the nesting box asleep - she always slept under Pox on the roosting bars, so I think she's wondering whats happened and maybe a bit stressed .... although I know they don't have the same emotions as us!


Mayo said...
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Mayo said...

Have just read the stuff on the Omlet site. So very Very sorry to hear your news. I really do know how you feel : still aching over the loss of Zoomie, my little stolen muscovy. Get more quickly and the wounds will soon begin to heal. Max

LWescott said...

Thanks Max.