Thursday, April 8, 2010

Have my eggs!

I have my eggs! :D

I have......
4 Transylvanian Naked Necks
4 Silver laced (frizzle) poland bantams
3 Lavender araucana
Silver Sussex
Lemon Pyle or Dark brahma
Buff X Black Orpington
3 Barred Wyandotte bantams
Silver laced Wyandotte bantam
Pekin X Poland bantam
Welsummer X FCB maran (meat bird)
- Seem to be posting the same list everywhere! xD

They won't all hatch (because of going through the post and not being fertile), and won't all be girls either. I'm planning on raising the boys to be table birds, and the ones that aren't suitable for that will try to re-home :)

Mom really wants a 'zebra chicken', Barred Wyandotte, and dad really wants the Oprington to hatch.
I want a Naked neck, Brahma, Wyandotte and Araucana the most ;)

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