Thursday, August 12, 2010

*Brum brummmm*

As if I passed my driving test!!
I have a blue certificate to prove it and everything. The licence should be here in 3 weeks, or so she said :)

Was soo nervous at the start + she asked me to do a bay park, I did it and ended up at a ridiculous angle!
I was like Shall I just get out now? :/
... she said try again, so I did, and it was alright *phew*

Was stuck on Boldmere Rd for 5 mins while some idiot did a 100 point turn in the road, so that used up a good few minutes :)

Didn't believe her when she said I passed, had to check again. Got 5 minors which isn't too bad :)

Now it would help if I had a car ... and insurance. Not that I'll need one at Uni.
The parentals cars are work cars, so can't drive them for a year.

Mother bought me cake and everything for passing! 8)

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