Friday, August 20, 2010


A2 results day ... eurgh -_-

Got to school with The Woman at half 8 + went to get them from our old form room. Form tutor of 7 years gave me them, I just started laughing :/
Old head of year (and Biology teacher) asked if I was ok
... obviously I was 'cos they didn't mean anything about getting in to Uni. "Well, it doesn't change what I think of you as a person :)" ... I took it as a compliment.
I thought I'd do better in Biology than I did, but thats the only one I really cared about. Physucks can die.

Well, they were pretty whack tbh, but at least I had an unconditional for Animal Science at Aberystwyth. *rub it in*
They don't mean anything 'till I need to get a job, and hopefully by that time I'll have a degree!

Can't believe some friends are going to Oxford, and some are going to be Doctors!
We got the annual "wave your results in the air at me" photo in the paper though :)

Don't feel old enough to leave home and go to Uni. Then I have to be an adult and everything :/

Went to friends for a BBQ and then to Walkabout on Broad Street :) ... left my phone in the taxi though! :(

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