Saturday, September 25, 2010

Second night at Aber

Ssecond night in Aber, most of our flat have moved in now, so we decided we'd go to The Union.
We stood round having drinks + doing shots, getting to know everyone, as you do.

Was an alright night, just people were standing round in small groups talking to each other, so we were just butting in and getting to know people.

I met up with the people from yesterday, and Jade (friend of a friend) from back home but they were all going back to the Student Village, the other side of the main road.
I kind of just left my flatmates and went back ti PJM with the others. They don't half halls, its just 100s of houses that all look the same, split up into student houses.
Me + Jade were wondering round for literally an hour trying to find her house ... tiny bit drunk! Finally got there, met all her flatmates who were really nice, had more drinks, then when that ran out we went next-door to meet those people!
Anyway, that carried on until 6am when we decided all to go to bed back at everyones own houses. I cba to walk all the way home so just stayed in Jade + Helens room!

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