Friday, September 24, 2010

1st day in Aber

First day at Uni in Aberystwyth today!!

Parentals + Nat came to drop me off with a car full of stuff! Got here at about 1, got my key ... room 3 :)
Dumped the stuff in my room and went to town for lunch and to buy some food, came back, sorted out my laptop in the library to be able to get on the internet and that was it!
Met one of my flatmates, Keith, and they left back for Brum!

Went down to the freshers BBQ, saw a girl standing on her own so spoke to her, Hannah. We kind of joined a group of people and got chatting away for an hour with them.
Came back to my room to unpack a couple of things, put my duvet + stuff on the bed, and then back out to the Student Union with the BBQ people.

Was really good actually. Everyone was doing shots, tequila, vodka, sambuca ... everything. Some people were gone and doing shots in their eyes! No ta.
We didn't stay 'till the end but sure we'll be back tomorrow. Met 2 people doing Animal Science too :)

Feels really wierd being sat here on my own, 3 hours away from everything.
As if I have to be grown up + sort everything out by myself, and its only been a couple of hours!

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Mayo said...

VERY best of luck - Enjoy.