Monday, February 7, 2011

Chicken Sitting...

So I made myself a Chicken and Small Animal Sitting website last week just to put out there and see what people think.
Would like to think I'm kinda qualified to look after other peoples pets. Have had chickens for 5 years and them obviously looked after all the Boarding Animals at the farm so should be ok.
Have looked after friends pets before but never set it properly like this.
I'd had a couple of messages on the forums asking if I knew anywhere local that looked after chickens so it kind of made sense to offer! :)

Anyway, I've already had quite a few emails about it and a booking!!

I had a look at other places and other Chicken Sitters and most people charge around or upwards of £2 per hen per day so I thought I'd try that.
I've already got a booking 3 hens, coming for 18 days over the Easter holidays :P

Had someone ask about me having their 3 hens for 6 months over the summer!!

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