Friday, July 22, 2011

Trip to Wales! Vesey House, Aber + Snowdon...

Back from Wales!

We decided a couple days ago we were going to climb Snowdon and I said we should stop in Aber ... not exactly close but its closer than here!
7 of us went so 2 cars - me + George.
First went to Betws y Coed to see Vesey House, the house school used to own + where we went in Year 7. Was strange being back and that we recognised it, tis a Bunk house for tourists now so we got one of them to take a photo of us outside.

Then we carried on driving, parked the car + climbed up Snowdon ... sooo much effort + took 6 hours.
Went up the Pyg Track and came back down the Miners Track ... only diverted a bit, ended up climbing down a small waterfall and some of them went down a stupid incline ... I went the safe way with The Woman :P
Us at the top - 1085m high...

Near the car park we were driving along behind George's car + a lamb jumped out of nowhere, hit the back of his car + just stopped in the road! We stopped, a bws coming the other way nearly ran it over but Chris jumped out + chased it back over the wall.
Then drove to Aber. Got fish + chips and went to Spoons for pitchers of Purple Rain and Woo Woo.
Back to the house for a few drinks and then bed in the empty flatmates rooms and on the sofas!

Aching knees when we woke up. Found out the showers work but you have to open the window 'cos of the steam ... which looks onto the house window opposite - bit wierd?
We went to Machnylleth for breakfast, and then on to Aberdovey. Went on the beach, paddle in the sea and got ice creams, in the rain :)

Drove to Welshpool, filled up the car and then to Shrewsbury! Got nom + drinks and carried on home.

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