Saturday, July 2, 2011

FAME - Brit Youth

Another week in the theatre with Brit Youth, doing FAME :)

Has gone really fast, again. Good to see everyone though + bare good times! :')
Eh? Woah!
We all had 80's stuff on backstage so they could go on + do scene changes with lights up.
I was sat at my desk calling the show + opping lights but would be rude not to join in... Love my purple leg warmers :P

Did 3 performances today, and then the Get Out after.
Went to Mint after for a few drinks with everyone, and then back to Michelle + Steves for another 6. Didn't realise how drunk I was but was good night :) So tired now though!

We're doing 3 weeks next year 'cos they're splitting the ages from 8-11 and 12-20.
Younger kids are going Annie and the Older group are doing The Wiz! :)

Gutted my camera ran out of battery but a few people took some + got some rubbish ones on my phone.
Plotting lights...
 Mostly finished Set...
 "Think of Meryl Streep"
 "Mabels Prayer"

There has to be a totem pole photo 'cos there's one every year!

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