Saturday, April 14, 2012

Broody: Hatch 8 with Dorothy

Its hatching time again! :)
Dorothy, the Red Pekin I bought at the National has gone broody so I got 6 hatching eggs for her from Tasha.
A Speckled Sussex x Araucana and 5 Pekins... 2 Lavender (from Quigleys girls!), 2 Mille Fleur and a Cuckoo.

Popped a TubTrug full of bedding and the 6 eggs into a broody coop and she jumped straight back on them!
Day 0 ... due to hatch the weekend of 4th May!


Rachy said...

What a beautiful red Pekin. I've been looking for one for ages, but can I find one! :(

She's adorable! Good luck with the hatch :)

LWescott said...

Thanks Rachy :)

Her and her sister may make some red pekin babies over Summer so if I have any pullets for sale will let you know!