Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lewis is broody...

I was going to wait until after exams but me is broody, wants chicks and kind of have 4 hatches on the go...

The 2 broody sisters are in a couple of ma broody coops in Tub Trugs!

Annie on the left is on 3 developing eggs which are due to hatch next weekend
Dorothy (Red on right) is on 5 developers due the week after!

Got 6 Call duck eggs in my new Brinsea Mini incy I bought from Cotswold Chickens which are due to hatch in 3 weeks time.

Also have 12 eggs ready to go in my Octagon 10 incy in Aber - Frizzles, Booted Bantams and German Langshans!

May try and hatch some Organic quail eggs just to see if they're fertile, friend is after some more so be a bonus if they do hatch!

1 comment:

Rachy said...

I like your broody boxes & Tub Trugs.

Gorgeous hens too! :)