Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Obsessed with hatching...

Lewis has gone from broody to obsessed!

I thought about setting a few quail eggs in my incy at Uni, got a bit carried away and bought 40 eggs from a breeder and another 36 from the Organic shop on my street who said they are fertile - they're due on the 21st, Nat's birthday.
'Cos of that and already having 12 bantie eggs in my Octagon 10, I needed another incy so my friend Lee saved the day + lend me his! :)

Then, I was on eBay and saw an MS Broedmachine incy on there. They're the best you can buy, made in the Netherlands and so don't often come up for sale... so I kinda bought it!

Is in Nottingham so ma friend at Uni there has collected it for me and I'll go pick it up.
One of these:

Annie, ma pekin, was on 3 eggs due this weekend but only one has hatched so far - a Speckled Sussex x Araucana which if is a girl should lay green eggs. Not sure if the other 2 will hatch late or not at all.

 Have got ma brooder ready for the quail chicks too (if they hatch)!
Is a Hagen Vision bird cage (like eglu's for budgies!) which has a deeper tray than my indoor rabbit cages so should keep them warm. I've got a big double height one of the cages for ma Diamond Doves and really like them!

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