Monday, July 28, 2008

2 steps closer...

I put a wanted post on freecycle for a computer fan and a hygrometer, and today someone offered me a fan! Thats one less thing I have to find, and it means that there will be no hot and cold spots in the incubator. She is sending it to me in the post :D. (Thanks Jen!)

I have also marked up the wood I'm going to use, I could have had a 50x24x24cm box using just 1 sheet, but I'm using chipboard for the base so how to will be just over 50X30x30cm.
The wood got wet at the bottom (right) but when its varnished it'll b ok.
Now I just need to cut that and the perspex and then I can start to put it all together.
(Oh and the ebay seller emailed and has posted the thermostat :D)

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