Thursday, July 24, 2008

Incubator Plans 2

I've coloured in and labelled the drawings to see what it should eventually look like.

It is made of wood; has 2 doors, one to get the main part with eggs in, one to get to the water pan; has a perspex viewing window; 2 light bulbs to provide heat.
I may put in it a small computer fan to provide circulation and keep constant heat throughout, I may also use a thermostat but haven't decided which type yet.
The eggs sit on the mesh which you can see in the second picture.

The 3D, labelled and coloured in versions of:
the front with both doors closed
and the inside with neither of the doors on.

I already have wood and perspex from building chickens + tortoises houses, so I will be using that to build it out of.

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