Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Mine will be made of wood, be heated by light bulbs, have a water pan in it to make sure it has enough humidity etc.
I'm using 2 bulbs just in case 1 of them blows when I'm out or asleep, so the other one will still be on and keep the eggs warm.

I'm still not sure of what to control the light bulbs with. Hughie the tortoise has one of these to control his light bulb but I payed about £50 for that so they are a bit on the expensive side.

Then there are these which dim normal lamps, so I'd just have to turn it on, find the right temperature and leave the bulb on all the time.

JamesH on the Omlet forum showed me this which is a thermostat from Maplins, only £5.99, but they need soldering and I don't trust myself to do that. But it's always a possibility.

Or I could try a room thermostat.

So I'm a bit confused.

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