Wednesday, July 8, 2009

VetSim - Day 2

Today we got up at 8 and went for breakfast to be in Clinical Sessions for 9 o'clock. I was in group A4 with Chris, Jen (from school) and Lucy (from the farm) and we started off with suturing - the first one I did wasn't perpendicular to the wound but I thought the rest were good.
Then we moved onto CPR which was good - they said it was rare in a vets and only 5% of patients in a vets will be successful, half of which will die in the next 48 hours! They mentioned it in a lambing situation which I suppose I have done successfully :)
Next was X-Rays, we had to look at them as a group and identify organs and any problems we could see, but there were no standard or healthy X-Rays to compare them against, which I think would have helped.
After a break we had an Ultra-sound session and they had a look at Chris' heart! Ultra-sound is becoming more popular and is a god diagnostic tool but not used on its own.
Another break and then onto Keyhole Surgery. It was a lot harder than it looked but we had an 'appendix' which we had to put 2 loops onto to stop the blood supply and then cut between them - we did it and were the first group to do it all day!! :D

Next we had a lunch break for an hour and went to Husbandry Sessions. We started off with Alpacas, the man bought 3 males with him and just spoke through everything, I didn't realise they needed so many vitamin supplements and injections.

Horses were next and the Nottingham Mounted Police were there. They spoke through a bit of husbandry then we all listened to their heart beats and their stomaches - one of the horses had an irregular heartbeat.

Reptiles were next - and it was a man from Proteus in Birmingham. We got to handle snakes and a bearded dragon :)

After Reptiles we went onto Arachnids - it was a slideshow which was interesting and had loads of info in it and he had some shedded spider skins at the front that we could touch but we couldn't touch any live spiders which I would have probably made it better.

Then we went outside to Small Animals, there was a dog and we talked through how to check over a dog from nose to tail. There were 2 chickens! which was good :P and a rabbit aswell but we weren't allowed to touch that.

We had a free session then a Birds of Prey session - also a man from Birmingham. He spoke through a bit about them and let us all fly a little kestrel. There was a 4 week old Snowy Owl chick there that was really cute and let us all stroke it.

After that we watched a Birds of Prey Display, where they did tricks, flew up onto the roof and back down between the man's legs and things like that.

In the evening we want to a Charity Lecture: "Liking & Sexual Attraction" which was quite good, and some things were funny.

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