Thursday, July 9, 2009

VetSim - Day 3

Today at VetSim was all Animal Sessions.
Another start at 9am but this time with Parrots and Macaws. They were all rescue parrots and the man did a talk about them and about how to care for them and then we did a quiz. Some of the things were really interesting, like there are over 300 breeds of parrot!
After Parrots we moved onto Skunks & Meerkats (from the same place as the parrots, again from Birmingham!). There was a group of 4 Meerkats all in a run, then a baby and a male with 3 legs in a different cage. They again were rescued animals and we were allowed to stroke the male but not hold him because he was vicious with other people. Other people held the baby and she was ok with people, although she did bit one person.The skunks were passed around and didn't smell as bad as I was expecting, a bit like a wet rabbit. The adults had their scent glands removed, but a law was passed 2 years ago banning it, so the baby still had his. After that we went over to Large Constrictors, there was a smaller one which was passed around and we tried to listen to its heartbeat. Then the bigger one came out and we held it then put it over our shoulders, it was stronger than I expected. Then we went to Eagles and Vultures which was interesting. They were all fed on cockerel chicks coming from the commercial hatching industry, but had their yolk sacs removed because they are high in calcium.

We went and had lunch then went to the Snapping Turtles. We were taught how to handle them, draw a triangle from the back legs to the middle of the back and thats the only place you can touch then, as they have long necks and bite. You pick them up by the tail and support underneath.
Afterwards was Canine Blood Bank, which I didn't know existed, dogs donate bloog which can be used by vets in blood transfusions. I had to leave early and miss the next session (Elephant Conservation) because I had my Mock Interview. I think it went well and I could answer everything she asked me - she said it was good and that I had well thought out answers.
I was back in time for Anatomy which was good, they described the difference in different animals and different breeds and problems we as humans have created for animals, for examples the breathing of Pugs and Boxer dogs and birth of Bulldogs.

Some people left at 5 and the rest of us had dinner then went and started the Marine Mammal Medic Course. It was all lectures today, Biology Of Cetaceans and Seals, Cetacean Strandings and Seal Rescue - they were all given by the BDMLR (British Divers Marine Life Rescue).

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