Wednesday, July 1, 2009

London and BodyWorlds

We went to London today with school + it was really good :)
We got the trin in to Euston, all got on the tube but one ... Miss Knowles didn't get on the train in time so we had to wait at the tube station for the next one. Then we walked to the Natural History Museum for a few hours, there was loads of little "I didn't know that" things as you walked round, and we managed to see everything. After that we all got on a tube, but the wrong one!, so had to get off at the next station and switch tubes to get to South Kensington where we went for a meal in Giraffe.
We managed to get on the right tubes this time and went to North Grenwich to walk to the O2 to the BodyWorlds exhibition. It was really good.
As soon as you walk in, there are foetuses at each week of development, it was amazing to see the growth, but quite scary to see how developed the baby is and they can still be aborted :/
Then there was a pregnant woman with the baby visible which was really interesting to see a cross section.
Then it moves up in age up until old age and as you go around there are examples of diseases and illnesses showing what happens to the body parts and where.
It was really strange to thing that these were real people, with names and a life story behind them, but you don't get told about the person as its an exhibition about the bodies and not the people. I bought a DVD of the making afterwards - really well worth going to :D

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