Friday, November 12, 2010


One of the flatmates birthdays today so we were decorating the kitchen.
I bought 120 balloons and blew up most of them :)

I was there mopping the floor, as you do, and my friend came in. "My dads just died..."
F**k You never know what to do or say. I knew he was really ill but they weren't expecting that.
He just wanted the day to carry on and be normal. In shock.

Few hours later we were all being kind of 'normal' playing Ring of Fire in the kitchen.
Went to Downeys (scary pub), Academy + then Yokos which was actually really good. I had a  few  several too many.

Got back, something happened with the taxi woman and it all ended up in a proper argument with him and someone else. He ran off, had to follow him + make sure he was ok.

Think thats when it hit him. Everything came out.
We ended up sitting in a hedge for a couple of hours just talking about everything. Eventually went to Rosser Lounge + sat there talking for another hour.

Walked him home and went to bed...

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