Friday, November 5, 2010

Dissection: Reproductive tract of a cow

We had another lab practical today ...
Dissection of the reproductive tract of a cow.

*rank photo warning* ;)

There were others in there that we had a look at too; mare, ewe lamb and sow.

We had a bit of digestive tract attached to ours so it stank.
What we got in the tray at the start:

I was shocked at how much fat there was around it too!
Probably helps insulate it, but half of it was fat that we had to cut away at the start.

Can see top right all the fat that we cut away!

We found everything we were looking for, then started at the vagina, dissected all the way down the cervix + to the ovaries and there was a follicle at the end. The follicle was a little sac a couple of cm big and inside it was the ovary which is 1/10th of a mm!
Not a great photo, but the follice:

Cows ovaries:

All labelled up at the end:

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