Saturday, November 6, 2010

Domestic Goddess

Ok, so I got up late today, at like 1, but since then I've been a busy domestic goddess ;)

Tidied my room (twas a right tip), chucked out a load of recycling + rubbish, vaccumed my room, cleaned the bathroom, washed + tumble dried my clothes and put them all away, tidied the kitchen, re-arranged the tables + vacuumed the kitchen.

I love the smell of tumble drying clothes!

Have the equine leg dissection write up to do (its in for Weds but I'm in London for the protest from 5am so its actually in for Tues) so have started a bit of that so that I can finish it tomorrow, try and get my feedback on Monday for the 1st write up, in time to make changes to hand it in on Tues :)

Did about an hour of the essay then was forced to go into the kitchen for pre-drinks ;)
Got a taxi into town, went to Wetherspoons + had some more Scrumpy 'cos its Ale Week or something. To Academy for few more then to Yokos + everything was £1 so too many in there. Magnus left on his own about 1 but st stayed for a few more hours. Left + got cheesy chips to sober up + for the way home.
Got back, Magnus was asleep in the corridor outside his room! :P
Opened his door for him + dragged him into his room.

Good night :)

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